It’s here! Memories of Water, available from our Bandcamp page, link at the top of the page (or somewhere close if I haven’t got it exactly right. It might have slipped down the back of the sofa). Oh well, pass the wine …

Reviews of Memories of Water

As a child, if you were ever in a gaggle of other kids, waiting to be picked for one team or the other, and knew that you weren’t the best, didn’t think you were the worst, but desperately wished to be good enough to be picked before being in the “left overs” pair, this is how I (Dave) feel before I read a review.

I’ve seen three reviews, so far, and I am really pleased to say that Airbridge have been picked somewhere in the middle which, for reasons of lockdown distance, using two different DAWs (Logic for me, Cubase for Lorenzo), me not actually having met Jason or Maddalena, and there being no overall producer to balance things out better, pretty well sum up how we feel about the album. That is, excited, delighted with parts of it, aware of it’s technical flaws, and keen to get things tightened up a bit for our next album, news of which will be announced in the not-too-distant future.

I’ll leave the links to the reviews here, rather than copy and paste them. That way, you can enjoy meandering through the reviewers’ sites to find other gems to catch your eye and lead to your ears being caught in delightful ways.

Sean Worral of Organ Thing

David Pearson of The Spirit of Progressive Rock

Steve Pilkington of Velvet Thunder